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The Online Book Review...Giving Or Getting

Are you an author who wants to sell your book and gain a wider audience?

These days the hottest book marketing tactic is ... getting your book reviewed on Amazon. Publishers are investing in t lreview copies and promotions to get books reviewed by ordinary people - not professional reviewers in the print media.

The journey to a book review starts before you write the first line. Get insider tips on getting the best review possible from reviewers with credibility...and learn why most authors sabotage themselves when they attempt this step.

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Some of your best prospects aren't looking for services in the search engines. They're looking in Amazon for books that promise to solve their problems.

My first web site was a career site. I made thousands of dollars from clients who first found me when they were searching for a book. They read my review, looked me up, and hired me.

How does this work? Amazon doesn't pay reviewers. You are not allowed to sell your services on Amazon. But with just a few insider tips, you can play by the rules and still attract clients.

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