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If you're not selling as many books as you want, chances are you're using outdated techniques that expired 20 years ago. Change your strategy to focus on online book marketing and (if you have a good book) you will sell more copies than you believed possible.

"Don't Miss The Most Essential Piece

of the Book Marketing Puzzle"

Dear Author,

These days most book marketing takes place online. Fewer books get promoted with book tours - even when your book gets published by HarperCollins, Scribners or another big New York house.

The most important ingredient of your book marketing campaign will not come from your publicist or marketing team. Your book's sales depend on what ordinary readers write on Amazon reviews. Your challenge: Get your book into the hands of reviewers who will write credible, honest, positive reviews.

Your most competitive book marketing weapon:

The Online Book Review

Everybody needs reviews - whether you're a best-selling author or a self-published beginner. That means everybody wants to get good reviews from credible reviewers in the world's biggest book marketing arena: the Amazon online bookstore.

The good news is: You can level the playing field. Even if your competitors have deeper pockets, you can compete. You don't need more money. In fact, you shouldn't spend any money on book reviews. You just need a better strategy.

I'm Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D., a published author, book reviewer and online marketing pro. I get dozens of review requests every month. Most authors sabotage their requests with a few simple mistakes that are surprisingly easy to avoid. I can't take time to help every author one-to-one, so I wrote a guide based on my experience.


Delivers Much More Than Promised

"Cathy Goodwin delivers much more than the title of this product promises.  She includes how to get your book reviewed on Amazon, how to review books on Amazon (which helps get your own book reviewed) and, equally important, how to write a book that is marketable.

"In my opinion this is the most compelling quote from her ebook: “When you finish your book and put on your book marketing hat, you will need a marketable product.  The earlier you begin to consider what’s marketable, the easier your book marketing challenge will be.”

"As a book author who had to learn all this for myself ,–frustrating step by frustrating step, I know that Cathy has given you the keys to the kingdom in one easy-to-read ebook.

"Get your copy now – the sooner the better wherever you are in your writing/publishing journey.

Phyllis Zimbler Miller
Author of


Why Big-Name Publishers Invest In

Getting Online Book Reviews

Book publishers are strapped for cash.They're cutting back on marketing expenses. You may be feeling the pain of lower advances.

But these publishers are spending their money to get books reviewed on Amazon. They invest in programs to get reviews by ordinary readers who are not even close to famous. That's because they know readers increasingly make buying decisions based on Amazon reviews (even if they end up not buying on Amazon).

These publishers know how to play the game. They know how to create books that reviewers will like. They know how to choose reviewers and command their attention.

And To make it easier, I've written a report and created an audio guide. You can download them both to get instant access.

Some of the topics covered in the Report and recording:

How to get top-ranked reviewers to pay attention to your book (and the pluses and minuses of soliciting their reviews)

How to choose the right reviewer to maximize exposure for your book

What NOT to do when you ask someone to review your book

The biggest mistake most authors make that gets them 1-star reviews

How to use "lists" and other Amazon features to promote your book

How one book got 40 5-star reviews (and ranks 600,000 on Amazon because of a simple mistake)

Why you should never buy reviews for love or money

How reviewing other authors' book helps you get your book reviewed (and become a better author yourself)

Why you need to think like a big New York publisher (even if you are working from your tiny kitchen table)

Why blog book tours are replacing live city tours (and how to jump-start your own blog book tour)

Why only a few review venues will really help your sales (and how to find them)

Sample "good" and "bad" letters authors write to reviewers (based on real letters from real authors)

How to avoid wasting money with extra "stuff" sent to reviewers

What NOT to do after your review gets published (so you won't come across as totally clueless)

And much, much more

But I'm hiring a publicist. Isn't that enough?

Believe it or not, I get messages from publicists who can't play the book review game. You need to guide them and know what's reasonable and what's a waste of time and money.

What about all those FREE articles: "How to Get Your Book Reviewed"

Frankly, I haven't seen a comprehensive, accurate free article. I've seen many articles that claim to be helpful but that contain false information.

Here's what you get:

The Complete Guide to Book Marketing With Book Reviews:

Immediate access to your 85-page Ebook Special Report: "Get your book reviewed on Amazon"

60-min audio with an author:
"What authors want to know"

Recording: How to Market Your Book Before You Write It

Your Report is a pdf download that you an read online and/or print out. Your audios are mp3 downloads.


I wanted to let you know I am enjoying your Report, Getting Your Book Reviewed. I have gone back a few times to re-read some sections – even though it makes me cringe! I made SO many mistakes when I published my book. This information is so valuable and I wish I had had access to it before.

Megan Wier, Author
Confessions of An Introvert: The Shy Girl's Guide to Networking

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P.S. Don't wait too long. If you are still writing your book, or even just dreaming about your book, you can get ahead of the book marketing game when you work with this product.