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Dear Author:

My name is Cathy Goodwin. I am a published author, recognized "Amazon 500" book reviewer, and online marketing copywriter and coach. Every week I get requests from authors who want me to review their books. Most of these authors make what online marketers call "killer mistakes." They won't get reviews...and the reviews they get will kill their sales.

In the 21st century, most book marketing takes place online. Even when your book gets published by HarperCollins, Scribners or another big New York house, you probably won't get a national book tour. You probably won't get a lot of marketing support. (Some authors get no marketing support.)

Therefore you need book reviews. And you need to leverage your book reviews with blog book tours.

If you would like to learn how to do these things more effectively, then please read on to find out more about this Report and how it can help you get the book reviews you need to sell in today's market.

You Already Worked Hard to Write Your Book. Why Not Save Time and Effort When You Market Your Book?

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These days book marketing has become a competitive jungle. Even when you have a big name publisher, you are not guaranteed to get reviews on Amazon and other online bookstores. Publshers are struggling to earn money even on their best-sellers. You need to be proactive.

At the same time, it's easier than ever to publish your book yourself. Dozens of reputable companies will help you with the logistics. They'll show you how to choose cover design, set up your pages, order copies and maybe even help you find an editor. But once you hold your book in your hand, you have a much tougher challenge: finding readers who will pay to read what you wrote.


Your most competitive book marketing weapon:

The Online Book REview


Now you can level the playing field. Even if your competitors have deeper pockets, you can compete when you know how to match up your book with the right reviewers. You don't need more money. In fact, you shouldn't spend any money on book reviews. You just need a better strategy.


How to Avoid The Great Book Pile-Up.

Let's face it. More and more authors have big piles of books on their garage floors. They ordered books through self-publishing. They negotiated or bought stacks of books from their publishers. And now they've got a stack of door stops.

If you have a good book, it doesn't have to be this way. You need to

  • understand how the marketplace defines a "good" book.
  • recognize that 21st century book sales come from the Internet
  • know how to tap into the increasing power of online book reviews

But many authors cling to the old-fashioned style of book marketing. They keep trying to get speaking gigs. They hire expensive publicists to get noticed in traditional media. Yet they skip a low-budget step that can open the door to more sales.

Why Even Big-Name Publishers Invest In

Getting Online Book Reviews

Book publishers are strapped for cash.They're cutting back on marketing expenses. You may be feeling the pain of lower advances.

But these publishers are spending their money to get books reviewed on Amazon. They invest in programs to get reviews by ordinary readers who are not even close to famous. That's because they know readers increasingly make buying decisions based on Amazon reviews (even if they end up not buying on Amazon).

If you're not a big name publisher, shouldn't you be paying attention? To make it easier, I've written a report and created an audio guide. You can download them both to get instant access.

Some of the topics covered in the Report:

How to build a portfolio of you work over the next 30 days to show prospective clients what they can expect when they hire you

How to get any small business on page one of Google in less than a week

Where to go for resources online - many of then completely free of charge

Why Twitter is worth your time, and will help the businesses you market for to be found more easily on the internet

Which forums will give you excellent page rank on Google almost immediately

How to set a pricing schedule that makes sense for you and your client

Which Wordpress plug-ins will make your job easier than ever

How to find the exact Keywords potential customers are using on Google

Where to find as many new clients as you can handle

Why you do not need to be an expert in the area you will be writing about for the small business

How to choose the businesses that are most likely to pay you well for your services

Access to regular webinar trainings to ask your questions

Email access to me to ask your specific questions

3 full years of membership in the Small Business Marketing Resource Center

And much, much more


But What If I Have No Experience With
The Type Of Business I Will Be Marketing For?

I thought about that exact thing when I started helping the handyman. That's when I learned about the free resources that are already available online. When I began helping the insurance agent and the plumbers, I was able to tap into proprietary information, facts, and details within 2 or 3 days. I show you how to do the same thing, making it possible for you to help any business.

If You Can Write A Blog Post and Submit An Article,
You Can Be Successful With marketing For Small Businesses.
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It really is that simple - once you know how the Internet works

After you get started, you will be able to get to Page One on Google within just a few days

If you get stuck on something, I am just an email away

Your online empire is just a few clicks away

If you have always wanted to make money from home by helping others, this is your opportunity.

Small business is the backbone of our economy - it's great to be a part of helping them to stay in business and prosper.

Just to recap, here is what you will get when you register:

The Complete Marketing For Small Businesses Course includes:

Immediate access to the membership site with all of your materials

A complete marketing plan for helping to make the phone ring

Details of how to get started with your first client

Videos showing you exactly how to do some of the technical aspects

Email access to my private email to get your questions answered

Ongoing webinar trainings to see my computer screen while you learn

A pricing plan that will allow you to take as many clients as you wish

The Audio Recordings For This Course Are Available As MP3 Downloads So That You Can Listen To Them Through Your Computer Or On Your iPod As Many Times As You Need To

I've been told I am insane to offer this intensive course at this low price, but I know that most of you have already spent lots of money to learn this information. My reward and satisfaction comes from seeing you become successful online, and I will do anything I can to help you achieve this success.


By now, you have seen that you will be able to learn how to set up and build your online business in the next 30 days. You have my word on that.



Webinar Training Course
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More Than 2,000 People Have Learned From This Training Since I Created It In May Of This Year - You Will Have Access To This Course Forever, Along With The Affiliate Marketing Special Report With My Tips And Resources - Affiliate Marketing works extremely well with marketing for small businesses.

It would be my privilege and honor to be the one to help you learn how to get started with building an online business by helping small service businesses. We will walk the path together, and you will see how much fun it is to have a business on the Internet.

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