"Are you missing the single most important piece of the Book Marketing Puzzle?"

Are you an author who just wrote a book? Or are you just finishing up a draft of your book...or even just planning to write a book "someday?" Then you need to learn everything you can about how to market your book (even if you haven't written it yet).

These days book marketing does not focus on speaking gigs at bookstores or ads in newspapers. The truth is...

Most books are sold through online marketing. Instead of talks in book and mortar bookstores, you need review in online bookstores. Most authors realize they need online book reviews but have no idea how to get them.

I'm Cathy Goodwin, a published author, online marketer and "Amazon 500" book reviewer. Just about every week I get requests from authors who want me to review their books. Nearly all those authors make mistakes that keep their books from getting reviews, especially the right kind of reviews that will lead to sales.

I have written a FREE Report to tell you how you can avoid the most common mistakes associated with getting a successful, productive book review. You will discover:

Why online book reviews are critical to your marketing campaign
How to find the best reviewer for your book
5 tips to motivate reviewers to agree to review your book
3 things you should never do to get reviews for your book
4 steps to your book review action plan


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